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craftsman repairing ring
Full-service repairs of all jewelry no matter where it was purchased.

Jasmin Jewelry (located in Tannersville, PA, minutes from Stroudsburg and Mount Pocono) is proud to offer both onetime repairs, as well as affordable service plans for all jewelry, including jewelry purchased elsewhere.

All jewelry purchased at Jasmin Jewelers comes with a one-year warranty.

Extended warranty service plans are available for both items purchased in Jasmin Jewelers, as well as items purchased in other establishments. Extended plans cover your valuables for three years. All service plans come with a free inspection of your jewelry.

Your treasures never leave the premises.

If your jewelry requires repair, you can feel secure in the knowledge that all repairs are completed on-site by a talented craftsman, and you can even stay and observe the repair in action. Rest assured that your jewelry is safe, insured, and perfected in the capable hands of a master goldsmith. Your jewelry will never leave our store, and will always be repaired in-house.

Your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

Whether you are purchasing a new piece of jewelry or bringing a sentimental family heirloom in for repair, we understand that you are putting your trust in us to not only keep your treasures safe but to also return them to you in better-than-new condition.

No job is too large or small, and we live to hear our customers exclaim, “Wow, it looks better than the day I bought it!”

If you have ever been shopping for jewelry only to find a piece that is almost perfect, you surely know the frustration of hearing the jeweler tell you it’d be too costly to alter. Maybe you’ve even been told it simply can’t be done.

Imagine there was a way to not only find that perfect piece but for it to be both better quality and less costly.

Welcome to the world of custom jewelry! Instead of buying a mass-produced piece that is shipped and sold by the thousands, you can come to Jasmin Jewelers and design your dreams.

We start with your idea or sketch, then work to perfect the design, and finally carve it in wax. Upon approval, we cast and set each and every piece with pride, knowing it is being created for a lifetime of pleasure.

All jewelry is created on the premises. No middlemen. No problems.

Other services provided by Jasmin Jewelers include refurbishing of antique jewelry, custom gifts, and rhodium and gold plating.